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Shell has an annual budget of 1 billion USD that it invests to make it's products better, safer and suitable for cutting edge technology.

In order to reduce the costs related to lubrication, Shell has a service called as LubeAnalyst that we offer to all our customers.

Shell's LubeAnalyst checks used oil samples for
  • deterioration of lubricant quality
  • deterioration of machinery
and compares the results over thouands of data points collected over similar machinery across running hours.

In short, this oil condition monitoring service that aims to keep your business running smoothly by helping to identify potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical.

The Shell LubeAnalyst system is fast and easy to use.  Having registered for the service online, you take oil samples from your equipment and send them to one of our laboratories. As soon as we’ve tested and analysed your samples, we email you our diagnosis and recommendations. This way, Shell LubeAnalyst provides an early warning system to give you peace of mind knowing that your equipment and lubricants are in optimum working order.

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