Shell Lubeanalyst

We can help you in bringing down the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through Shell’s LubeAnalyst technical service. For this, you provide us with periodic samples and based on the lab analysis done, reports are sent to your specified email-ids directly. The report provides analysis for the condition of your lube and gives pointers on the equipment health. This helps in reducing TCO by –

  1. Changing lubes only when required.
  2. Reducing unplanned downtime due to equipment failure. 
Two customer cost reduction/optimization case studies for your reference – 

LubeAnalyst Sample Reports:

Lube consultation

By consulting with Shell’s technical team, we can provide consultation for your lube optimization by –

  1. Rationalizing the number of grades being used. 
  2. Providing periodic summary reports based on LubeAnalyst analysis which help you in knowing your lube usage patterns, equipment health trends, etc.